Martagon Lilies

Martagon lilies are sold out for spring 2018 shipping.

We are enthralled with their beauty. From their tall gorgeous stems, to the wonderful ties of whorled leaves, to the jewel like flowers, they are enticing. We grow and sell many lilies at the nursery but there is something about the martagon lilies that is hard to explain. They do not ask for much, well draining soil (as do all lilies), humus rich fertile soil, and some sun/shade. We do not recommend planting them in deep shade, they do need some bright light or filtered sun. They will actually do quite well in full sun, but there greatest strength is the woodland setting. They are the first lilies to bloom in the garden and have amazing tiers of whorled leaves that are very unique. They are enduring lilies and will persist for years once established, providing nice clumps and numerous stems in the coming years. We cannot think about gardening without them now that they have entered our beds. They are that special. It seems their time has come as interest in them is at an all time high. We include a nice planting sheet with the bulbs that goes over everything you need to know to grow them successfully.

Note about late fall planting: They are best moved when they have time to regrow or establish their perennial roots. We recommend late summer/early fall and then water them in well. This gives them time to reestablish/grow new roots. Planting in late fall leads to what has been known as sulking, they go to sleep having not grown new roots and do poorly the next year. Spring and Fall shipping, March-April, and then August-October


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