Martagon Lilies

We are enthralled with their beauty. From their tall gorgeous stems, to the wonderful tiers of whorled leaves, to the jewel like flowers, they are enticing.

We grow and sell many lilies at the nursery but there is something about the martagon lilies that is hard to explain. They do not ask for much, well draining soil (as do all lilies), humus rich fertile soil, and some sun/shade. We do not recommend planting them in deep shade, they do need some bright light or filtered sun. They will actually do quite well in full sun, but there greatest strength is the woodland setting. They are the first lilies to bloom in the garden and have amazing tiers of whorled leaves that are very unique. They are enduring lilies and will persist for years once established, providing nice clumps and numerous stems in the coming years. We cannot think about gardening without them now that they have entered our beds. They are that special. It seems their time has come, as interest in them is at an all time high. We include a nice planting sheet with the bulbs that goes over everything you need to know to grow them successfully. It is from our good friend Ieuan Evans, who is a master at growing Martagons.

Note about late fall planting: They are best moved when they have time to regrow or establish their perennial roots. We recommend late summer/early fall and then water them in well. This gives them time to establish/grow new roots. Planting in late fall leads to what has been known as sulking, they go to sleep having not grown new roots and do poorly the next year. Spring and Fall shipping, March-April, and then August-October



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L. martagon Arabian Knight $11.00

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L. martagon Arabian Knight

Martagon lilies are very persistent in the garden and Arabian Knight is a great lily. Slow to propagate but so desirable in the woodland garden as all martagons are. Interesting hybrid with rusty mahogany leaf tips with golden yellow highlights on...
L. martagon Attiwaw $29.00

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L. martagon Attiwaw

A favorite here at the nursery, with good reason. It is one of the best we have ever grown. Period. Awesome growth, fast multiplier, nice stem, all in all,  just a winner. Soft pink with an orange throat and some burgundy spotting. A Fred...
L. martagon Brocade $18.00

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L. martagon Brocade

Super wonderful martagon with remarkable vigor and rapid increase. The flowers on ‘Brocade’ are a mix of deeper yellow with blushing of rose-pink highlights. It is a plant that was registered by Mrs. R.O. Backhouse/Wallace in 1923 and...
L. martagon Claude Shride $11.00

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L. martagon Claude Shride

To see a big clump of this martagon is to see why martagons have gained in popularity. This magnificent martagon has deep red to brick red flowers with dark orange centers that retain their color well. The foliage is a darker green than most...
L. martagon Gaybird $11.00

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L. martagon Gaybird

A superb lily of amazing grace and beauty and amazing spotting and halos. Did we mention we like the spotting. In some martagons the more spotting the better, in others the color alone is enough. On 'Gaybird' the spotting really ups the ante...
L. martagon Mahogany Bells $29.00

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L. martagon Mahogany Bells

We have always been big fans of this lily since the first time we saw it bloom in our garden. It is just different. Martagon 'Mahogany Bells' boasts large, vivid mahogany colored flowers that are larger than most of the other martagons we...
L. martagon Manitoba Morning $11.00

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L. martagon Manitoba Morning

This is a stunner and one everyone should have in their garden. We are thrilled to be able to offer it as it is as it is a great grower and wonderful lily for the woodland garden. Originally we grew this as 'Manitoba Fox' but it has now been...
L. martagon Mrs. R.O. Backhouse $27.00

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L. martagon Mrs. R.O. Backhouse

Wonderful hybrid martagon with staying power in more ways than one. Registered in 1921 it is still a very viable candidate for the woodland garden and will perpetuate in the shady garden for years given the right conditions. Just for information,...
L. martagon Orange Marmalade $11.00

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L. martagon Orange Marmalade

Bred by Ed Robinson in 1972, 'Orange Marmalade' has a bit smaller outfacing flowers that are a nice warm orange. An unusual fact is that it is pollen free, so will not stain clothing or stain if cut. We grown it for years and love it. It is...
L. martagon Peppard Gold $11.00

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L. martagon Peppard Gold

Originally going around as 'Pepper Gold', this is a wonderful martagon with 4' stems with large, recurved orange flowers with light yellow edges and dark spots with light yellow halos. Incredibly good grower with large stands achieved in...

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