Rare and Unusual Woodland Plants

Cynthia and I are plant nerds. And we like the most rare and unusual plants that we can find. We are currently propagating many Native, and Asian woodlanders. This section will probably grow and grow as we source & propagate new and exciting plants to bring to our customers. We're excited about plants and hope you will enjoy our rich assortment of rare & unusual plants.

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Trillium camschatcense Nemuro $20.00

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Trillium camschatcense Nemuro

Japanese and Asian species (China and Russia) that has slightly fragrant, broad creamy white flowers. It is one of the better Asian trilliums and makes large plants and rhizomes. It is closely related to our native Trillium flexipes and looks very...
Trillium grandiflorum Flore Pleno $27.00

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Trillium grandiflorum Flore Pleno

The rarely-offered, fully-double variant of one of our easiest and most beautiful woodland wildflowers. This is a very vigorous plant and will offset quickly over time. The multiple rows of overlapping pure-white petals recall a formal double...
Trillium tschonoskii $18.00

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Trillium tschonoskii

An Asian species with an extremely wide distribution. In fact it is the only trillim found in the Himalaya's. The broad green leaves almost create a circular effect and the flower is white fading to dark pink. The flower is held horizontal above...
Zingiber mioga Silver Arrow $16.00

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Zingiber mioga Silver Arrow

Amazing hardy Japanese ginger from Shikoku Island. This will create a really fantastic tropical effect in the shaded woodland garden. Leaves that are splashed yellow, white and green on plants up to 3' high, creating a colony in no time, as it...
Zingiber mioga White Feather $16.00

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Zingiber mioga White Feather

The white margined, stable form of Zingiber mioga 'Silver Arrow'. Same 3' tall stems, and 1' long leaves. Looking for that tropical effect in your woodland garden, these hardy Japanese ginges are the trick. Zone 5-9

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