Rare and Unusual Woodland Plants

Cynthia and I are plant nerds. And we like the most rare and unusual plants that we can find. We are currently propagating many Native, and Asian woodlanders. This section will probably grow and grow as we source & propagate new and exciting plants to bring to our customers. We're excited about plants and hope you will enjoy our rich assortment of rare & unusual plants.

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Polygonatum humile 'Firecracker' $29.00

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Polygonatum humile 'Firecracker'

Firecracker Dwarf Variegated Solomon's Seal Another streaked form of the dwarf Japanese Solomon Seal, Polygonatum humile. Extremely variegated and does not revert the occassional green shoots, as the form 'Little Streaker', has been...
Polygonatum macranthum $19.00

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Polygonatum macranthum

(Solomon Seal) Very tall Japanese plant with large white flowers. Leaves whorl around the stem. As the plant matures the flowers at the upper part of the stem will form clusters that droop down appealingly. Not offered in the US very often. Needs...
Polygonatum odoratum Byakko $32.00

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Polygonatum odoratum Byakko

Originally used as a cut flower plant in Japan for years, and almost to extinction, this form of Solomon's Seal is truely remarkable. Starting the season all green, the middle half of the leaves change to white. The plant will develop this trait...
Ranzania japonica $27.00

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Ranzania japonica

Very choice and beautiful plant from Honshu, Japan that is a relative of epimediums. The flowers start blooming at ground level and are a soft lavender-pink held in small clusters rising to about 18" in spring, followed by white berries in...
Rodgersia podophylla 'Bloody Wheels' $18.00

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Rodgersia podophylla 'Bloody Wheels'

Bloody Wheels Rogers Flower Large finger leafed Rodgersia, with 5-7 leaflets with deep jagged lobes at the tip, coarsely toothed at the margin. In the spring the leaves are glossy reddish bronze later turning brown and eventually green, and then...
Sanguinaria canadensis 'Multiplex' $21.00

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Sanguinaria canadensis 'Multiplex'

An absolutely stunning plant. A patch of these will stop them dead in their tracks. Among the most beautiful of native wildflowers. Drop dead gorgeous fully double form of our native bloodroot. Comes up a bit later than the single version, and the...
Sanguinaria canadensis Venus $29.00

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Sanguinaria canadensis Venus

(Pink bloodroot) This form has a pink reverse (back side of flowers and sepals) to the usual white flowers of our native bloodroot. The stems also have a pink cast to them. The underground rhizomes are also pink. Has kidney shaped lobed foliage in...
Syneilesis palmata Kikko $61.00

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Syneilesis palmata Kikko

This is the one that is on everyone's want list. Crazy beautiful and rare. This form of the shredded umbrella plant from North East Asia has hexagonal patterns on the leaves (kikkou in Japanese). The variegation will fade during the heat of...
Trillium apetalon $16.00

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Trillium apetalon

A rare species of Trillium that occurs in Japan, with what appears to be missing petals. The name even refers to this fact (a=none, petalon= petals). Instead of petals, the sepals have become colorful (mostly red, purple or sometimes green and red)...
Trillium camschatcense Kamishihoro $17.00

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Trillium camschatcense Kamishihoro

Japanese and Asian species (China and Russia) that has slightly fragrant, broad creamy white flowers. It is one of the better Asian trilliums and makes large plants and rhizomes. It is closely related to our native Trillium flexipes and looks very...

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