Rare and Unusual Woodland Plants

Cynthia and I are plant nerds. And we like the most rare and unusual plants that we can find. We are currently propagating many Native, and Asian woodlanders. This section will probably grow and grow as we source & propagate new and exciting plants to bring to our customers. We're excited about plants and hope you will enjoy our rich assortment of rare & unusual plants.

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Anemonopsis macrophylla $24.00

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Anemonopsis macrophylla

(false Anemone) From the central Honshu, Japanese Alps. A wonderful, choice plant for northern shady gardens. Leaves are toothy and shiny dark green. Blooming in late summer, the flower stems are blackish-purple, with waxy nodding pink to pale...
Anemonopsis macrophylla Flora Plena $55.00

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Anemonopsis macrophylla Flora Plena

Double flowering version of the standard species. The flower has two sets of inner and outer petals so retains its elegant beauty. The petals also retain the wonderful slight coloration as in the species. This is taking a most remarkalby beautiful...
Cardiandra alternifolia 'Shiro Hakikomi Fu'

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Cardiandra alternifolia 'Shiro Hakikomi Fu'

SOLD OUT Shiro Hakikomi Fu Herbaceous Hydrangea Cardiandra alternifolia 'Shiro Hakikomi Fu' is a variegated herbacious hydrangea relative from Japan for dappled to bright shade. Our advice as with all variegated plants is to site them in...
Diphylleia grayi $17.00

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Diphylleia grayi

Skeleton Flower We have been growing this Japanese woodlander here at the nursey for years and now have it available for sale, which makes us happy. A relative of mayapples, this is the Asian equivalent of our native Diphylleia cymosa , and would be...
Disporum sessile 'Cricket' $30.00

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Disporum sessile 'Cricket'

Cricket Fairy Bells Originally acquired as Disporum sessile var. minus Shiro Shima Naka Fu, we believe this to be the Japanese variegated Fairy Bells 'Cricket'. The center of the leaves are an almost total crisp white while the margins are a...
Disporum sessile Awa No Tsuki $27.00

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Disporum sessile Awa No Tsuki

One of the better if not best of the Disproum sessile forms (Japanese Fairy Bells). Red spots at the bottom of the stem with bright yellow leaves thinly edged in green to about 15". This Disporum is very vigorous and will make a nice...
Epimedium diphyllum 'Vanilla Ripple' $27.00

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Epimedium diphyllum 'Vanilla Ripple'

Vanilla Ripple Fairy Wings A selection of the Japanese native Epimedium diphyllum that has small leaves that are irregularly speckled and splashed with creamy yellow. Best color is in spring and tends to fade and green up with the heat and humidity...
Filipendula kamtschatica Ki Chiri-Fu $46.00

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Filipendula kamtschatica Ki Chiri-Fu

Kamchatka Giant Meadowsweet Asian giant Meadowsweet that has a bold pressence with its long, serrated, palmate foliage that is irregularly splashed with yellow and white. This is one outrageous plant at maturity. It loves a moist situation and can...
Filipendula purpurea $18.00

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Filipendula purpurea

Japanese Purple Meadowsweet Bold rhizomatous perennial with serrated, pinnate leaves, up to 10 inches wide, with 5 to 7 irregular lobes. Small, 1/4 to 3/8 inch wide flowers are borne on purplish stems in dense, 2 inch wide corymbs in summer. Flower...
Glaucidium palmatum 1 eye $21.00

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Glaucidium palmatum 1 eye

A real gem for the early spring garden, this famous Japanese woodlander unfolds its large, silky, pale purple-pink blossoms while most plants are still sleeping. Leaves are shaped like maple leaves and add a new texture to the shade garden. Somewhat...

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