Rare and Unusual Woodland Plants

Cynthia and I are plant nerds. And we like the most rare and unusual plants that we can find. We are currently propagating many Native, and Asian woodlanders. This section will probably grow and grow as we source & propagate new and exciting plants to bring to our customers. We're excited about plants and hope you will enjoy our rich assortment of rare & unusual plants.

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Podophyllum Spotty Dotty

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Podophyllum Spotty Dotty

SOLD OUT Chinese/Asian Mayapple that honestly is one of our favorite woodland plants, along with, well… all of the rest of them. This stunning hybrid of Podophyllum delvayi boasts large, vigorous umbrella-like lobed leafs. New leaves are...
Polygonatum humile $14.00

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Polygonatum humile

Dwarf Solomon's Seal Super cute dwarf Solomon Seal that makes an excellent grouncover in the woodland garden or mixed in under shrubs. Ovate leaves with white, green tipped oversized bells on stems to 6". Left alone it will create a nice...
Pinellia tripartita Golden Dragon $15.00

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Pinellia tripartita Golden Dragon

(Golden Green Dragon) Similar in appearance to the look of Arisaema, this form of Green Dragon has golden, glowing trifoliate leaves and a slender golden waxy flower. While some forms of Pinellia can be down right thugs, this species is a bit more...
Polygonatum hookeri $15.00

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Polygonatum hookeri

We are obsessed with Solomon Seals (watch for future offerings), so we have to add this to the list. Honey I shrunk the Polygonatum. This alpine Solomon seal is just to damn cute. Lavender flowers basically sitting right on top of the practically...
Trillium apetalon $16.00

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Trillium apetalon

A rare species of Trillium that occurs in Japan, with what appears to be missing petals. The name even refers to this fact (a=none, petalon= petals). Instead of petals, the sepals have become colorful (mostly red, purple or sometimes green and red)...
Zingiber mioga Silver Arrow $16.00

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Zingiber mioga Silver Arrow

Amazing hardy Japanese ginger from Shikoku Island. This will create a really fantastic tropical effect in the shaded woodland garden. Leaves that are splashed yellow, white and green on plants up to 3' high, creating a colony in no time, as it...
Zingiber mioga White Feather $16.00

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Zingiber mioga White Feather

The white margined, stable form of Zingiber mioga 'Silver Arrow'. Same 3' tall stems, and 1' long leaves. Looking for that tropical effect in your woodland garden, these hardy Japanese ginges are the trick. Zone 5-9
Cacalia delphinofolia $17.00

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Cacalia delphinofolia

Another not too widely grown Japanese woodland perennial with great foliage and blooms. Maple like leaves that add another textural effect to the open woodland garden. Grows to about 2' in height and has small white flowers in late summer to...
Trillium camschatcense Kamishihoro $17.00

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Trillium camschatcense Kamishihoro

Japanese and Asian species (China and Russia) that has slightly fragrant, broad creamy white flowers. It is one of the better Asian trilliums and makes large plants and rhizomes. It is closely related to our native Trillium flexipes and looks very...
Anemonella thalictroides Cameo $18.00

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Anemonella thalictroides Cameo

Choicest double-flowered form of the native rue anemone. Very soft, long lasting sterile flowers that are pale pink. After getting established they get better and better with age, creating nice clumps over time. Quite easy despite their appearance,...

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