About our hostas: We sell only TC (tissue culture) grown hostas from vendors that certify that their hostas are both HVX (Hosta Virus X) free and nematode free plants. Our plants are not grown in the soil, we have 7 hoop houses and pot in a soilless mix. We do not ship tiny little plants, we grow our hostas for at least a year (if not more) before selling. If you have any questions about size of a plant please contact us. If you want to know more about Hostas and see really great pics go to, or

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Hacksaw $15.00

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(R. Livingston) Small Long tapered narrow leaves that are serrated with intense ripples on the edges. Very vigorous growth rate makes it a wonderfully interesting edger.
Hawaiian Luau $24.00

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Hawaiian Luau

(Zilis/Vanous) Medium-Large This tetraploid form of the ever popular Hosta 'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake' just does one better in all ways. Thicker leaves, bigger flowers, wider margins (blue green in spring settling down to dark green in late...
Heather Hill $22.00

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Heather Hill

(M. Zilis/B. Solberg) Small White margined sport of Hosta 'Lime Zest', which is a Hosta 'Shining Tot' seedling. This little cuttie makes an excellent addition to the rock garden, mini garden, or just for mass planting as its a fast...
Holar Garnet Crow $34.00

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Holar Garnet Crow

(R. Van Keer) Medium Seedling out of Hosta 'Tequila Sunrise' and Ron Livingston's plant Hosta 'Maya Kingsnake' that is a real looker. We expect these to not last too long. Much like Hosta 'Tequila Sunrise' the leaves are...
Imperial Palace $25.00

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Imperial Palace

(D. & J. Ward) Medium-Larg e A 'pinstriped sister seedling with a light yellow-centered, green-margin that just has that look! We've found that is a really good grower in our shaded hoops. Best bet would be for some early day sun or...
Jack Berry $35.00

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Jack Berry

(R. Goodenough) Medium-Large Metallic blue green with strong red veining and red petioles. Top and underside of the leaves is very waxy. We really cannot wait to offer and grow this cross of Hosta 'Blueberry Muffin' and Hosta 'Mr....
Lakeside Color Blue $20.00

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Lakeside Color Blue

(M. Chastain) Large This was a seedling out of Hosta 'Lakeside Blue Jeans' that has very waxy, blue, heavy substanced leaves that are deeply cupped and crinkled. White flowers. Photo: Carol Brashear
Leapin' Lizard $20.00

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Leapin' Lizard

(D.& M. Beilstein/Bob Solberg) Medium Leaves are shiny green shaped like an arrowhead with lots of curves and twists. The deep peppled indentations in the leaves give them a very puckered unusual look. Leaves are 8" long and about 6"...
Lemon Kiss $39.00

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Lemon Kiss

(B. Solberg) Small Super nice new plant that has good yellow coloring and dark red petioles. The glowing leaves really catch attention and have good substance. This is a cross of Hosta 'Smiley Face' crossed to Hosta 'Beet Salad'....
Little Devil $19.00

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Little Devil

(Hideko Gowen) Small An excellent  little mini brought to us by Hideko Gowen that is fantastic for the rock garden, trough, woodland border or for using as a mass planting. This hybrid of Hosta 'Swoosh' and Hosta venusta has longated...

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