About our hostas: We sell only TC (tissue culture) grown hostas from vendors that certify that their hostas are both HVX (Hosta Virus X) free and nematode free plants. Our plants are not grown in the soil, we have 7 hoop houses and pot in a soilless mix. We do not ship tiny little plants, we grow our hostas for at least a year (if not more) before selling. If you have any questions about size of a plant please contact us. If you want to know more about Hostas and see really great pics go to, or

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Gentle Giant $19.00

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Gentle Giant

(Black) Large Hosta 'Gentle Giant' has giant sized heavily corrugated, blue cupped leaves. Almost a vase shape. Wonderful large plant, grows to a gorgeous mound with perfectly aligned cascading leaves. 42" x 65". Pale lavender...
Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears $17.00

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Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears

(T Meyer & J Miller) Mini-Small A 'Blue Mouse Ears' seedling with gold foliage; outstanding substance; brightest in the spring, turning chartreuse by midsummer. From the breeding program of Terri Meyer and Jeff Miller of Land of the...
Golden Meadows $18.00

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Golden Meadows

(Reiner van Elderen NR) Large Terrific sport of H. seiboldiana 'Elegans' that has been around for quite a while and now we can offer it too. We are really fond of this one as it is a good doer. Emerges with a creamy white center that...
Great Expectations $17.00

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Great Expectations

(Bond-Aden) Medium-Large If grown in the perfect setting, there is no more beautiful hosta in all the world. This sport of Hosta sielboldiana from England takes some time to get established, but once it does, its stunning. Almost a tri-colored Hosta...
Guacamole $15.00

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(Solberg) Large A sport of 'Fragrant Bouquet' with huge, glossy, apple green leaves tha are surrounded by streaked, dark green leaf margins just like an avocado. The leaf centers become brighter gold in summer and when exposed to more...
Guardian Angel $17.00

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Guardian Angel

(Thompson) Large Variegated sport of Hosta 'Blue Angel'; with a creamy, misted center in spring getting progressively greener ending in a light green center with a blue border. Our 10 year old plant shows lots of streaking late in the...
Hacksaw $15.00

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(R. Livingston) Small Long tapered narrow leaves that are serrated with intense ripples on the edges. Very vigorous growth rate makes it a wonderfully interesting edger.
Hawaiian Luau $24.00

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Hawaiian Luau

(Zilis/Vanous) Medium-Large This tetraploid form of the ever popular Hosta 'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake' just does one better in all ways. Thicker leaves, bigger flowers, wider margins (blue green in spring settling down to dark green in late...
Heather Hill $22.00

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Heather Hill

(M. Zilis/B. Solberg) Small White margined sport of Hosta 'Lime Zest', which is a Hosta 'Shining Tot' seedling. This little cuttie makes an excellent addition to the rock garden, mini garden, or just for mass planting as its a fast...
High Society $15.00

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High Society

(Hansen - Shady Oaks) Medium Plant emerges in the spring with a bright yellow center that changes to white in mid-summer.

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