About our hostas: We sell only TC (tissue culture) grown hostas from vendors that certify that their hostas are both HVX (Hosta Virus X) free and nematode free plants. Our plants are not grown in the soil, we have 7 hoop houses and pot in a soilless mix. We do not ship tiny little plants, we grow our hostas for at least a year (if not more) before selling. If you have any questions about size of a plant please contact us. If you want to know more about Hostas and see really great pics go to, or

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Cathedral Windows $15.00

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Cathedral Windows

(H. Hansen) Large Hosta 'Cathedral Windows' PP 17,295 is the tetraploid conversion of Hosta 'Stained Glass', and we have esteemed Hosta hybridizer Hans Hansen to thank for it. Large leaves with a bright gold center and wide green...
Church Mouse $17.00

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Church Mouse

(Walters Gardens) Mini-small H. 'Church Mouse' is a 'Blue Mouse Ears' sport with very ruffled edge and a subtle edge variegation. Photo: Walters Gardens
Coconut Custard $21.00

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Coconut Custard

(B. Solberg) Small-Medium ''Blue Cadet' x 'One Man's Treasure' seedling. Vigorous front of the border Hosta with waxy yellow heart shaped leaves in spring, giving it a really distinct early season look. Reddish purple...
Color Festival $19.00

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Color Festival

(D. Van Eechaute) Medium-Large Wonderful sport from Hosta 'Enterprise' that has a striking yellow line between the white center and the dark green bordere. Really will stand out in the perennial border with its tri-colored look. Lavender...
Cookie Crumbs $19.00

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Cookie Crumbs

(M. Zilis/B. Solberg) Small Sport of Hosta 'Tiny Tears' with white margin. Stoloniferous so extremely fast growing. Great candidate to use as a ground cover, edger, or in rock garden because of its smaller stature. Lavender flowers. Photo:...
Cool as a Cucumber $17.00

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Cool as a Cucumber

(Walters Gardens) Medium Hosta 'Cool as a Cucumber' is a sport from Hosta 'Cascades' that was found in a batch of tissue culture at Walters. Similiar in appearance with wider green edges, this form grows quite a bit better than its...
Cracker Crumbs $15.00

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Cracker Crumbs

(B. Solberg) Mini-Small Hosta 'Cracker Crumbs' is a sport of Hosta 'Shiny Penny'. Wonderful little dark-edged guy. Leaves are kind of wavy perfect for miniature gardening or to attract fairies to your garden. 5" high by 9"...
Cricket $21.00

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(Dick & Jane Ward) Mini/Small This Hosta 'Jiminy Cricket' sport has small green, ruffled leaves of good substance. Fast grower that is suitable for the rock garden, mini bed, trough or useful in mass planting as a carpet . Lavender...
Cup of Joy $19.00

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Cup of Joy

(G. Meyers/Naylor Creek) Large This is going to be one great Hosta! It's a seedling out of Hosta 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd' that appears to have gotten all the best attributes of it and just turned it GOLD. Deep cups, extreme corrugation,...
Cutting Edge $15.00

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Cutting Edge

(Gowen/Benedict) Medium Blue green narrow ruffled leaves arch and fold and show off their white back. Looks like a fountain flowing. 12" by 18"

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