About our hostas: We sell only TC (tissue culture) grown hostas from vendors that certify that their hostas are both HVX (Hosta Virus X) free and nematode free plants. Our plants are not grown in the soil, we have 7 hoop houses and pot in a soilless mix. We do not ship tiny little plants, we grow our hostas for at least a year (if not more) before selling. If you have any questions about size of a plant please contact us. If you want to know more about Hostas and see really great pics go to, or

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Awakening Angel $17.00

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Awakening Angel

(F. Nyikos) Medium Long, thick, lance shaped very blue unusual shaped leaf. H. 'Mikawa No Yuki x H. 'Uncle John' cross from northern Indiana hybridizer Frank Nyikos. We are very fond of Frank's plants. Lavender flowers
Azure Frills $17.00

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Azure Frills

(M. Zilis) Medium A hybrid of a seedling Hosta 'Venetian Blue' that forms a medium-sized, arching mound of foliage that is striking both for its powdery blue color and numerous ripples and frills. 15" tall by 37". Purple flowers
Baby Booties $13.00

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Baby Booties

(D. Bilstein) Mini to Small Compact mound of white-edged foliage; flowers held on many scapes in nice proportion to the foliage and add to the ornamental effect 3-4" tall by 15". Light purple flowers
Baby Bunting $13.00

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Baby Bunting

(R. Savory) Mini Hosta 'Baby Bunting' has green, round heart-shaped leaves and bell-shaped pale lavender flowers in midsummer. This Hosta is excellent as a miniature specimen or used as a ground cover hosta. It is one of the best miniature...
Battlestar $17.00

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(R. Goodwin) Medium-Large H. 'Battlestar' is from Indiana hybridizer Randy Goodwin, who creates wonderful Hostas for our Midwest climate. H. 'Battle Star' boasts extremely glossy, blue-green cupped leaves with a slightly rippled...
Beyond Glory $17.00

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Beyond Glory

(Walters Gardens) Medium-Large Hosta 'Beyond Glory' PPAF is a new wide margined sport of H. 'Beyond Glory' from Walters Gardens... which is a sport of H. 'Glory'. Whew, that's a mouthful. With a wider darker border it...
Big Daddy $15.00

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Big Daddy

(Aden) Large, Hosta 'Big Daddy' has blue leaves with thick substance, intense cupping, and excellent slug resistance. An oldie but very much a goodie. White flowers. Photo: Walters Gardens
Bitsy Gold $13.00

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Bitsy Gold

(R. Savory) Mini Hosta 'Bitsy Gold' is a wonderful gold Hosta longissima hybrid suitable for edging or specimen use in the rock garden. Long narrow gold leaves form a small clump. Tiny 3" long leaves that are shiny bright yellow about...
Blonde Impressions $19.00

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Blonde Impressions

(Balitewicz) Large Hosta 'Blonde Impressions' is a hybrid of H. 'Elatior' x H. 'High Noon'. Semi-upright mound of bright gold foliage, leaves 9" x 13". Another brilliant plant from Indiana Bob 28" high by...
Blue Angel $15.00

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Blue Angel

(Aden) Giant This is one of the best large blues, the other being Hosta 'Blue Mammoth'. Heavy substance, slightly corrugated, blue green leaves 16" long by 12" wide, mound spreading to over 3' high by 6-7' wide. White...

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