About our hostas: We sell only TC (tissue culture) grown hostas from vendors that certify that their hostas are both HVX (Hosta Virus X) free and nematode free plants. Our plants are not grown in the soil, we have 7 hoop houses and pot in a soilless mix. We do not ship tiny little plants, we grow our hostas for at least a year (if not more) before selling. If you have any questions about size of a plant please contact us. If you want to know more about Hostas and see really great pics go to, or

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Abiqua Drinking Gourd $15.00

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Abiqua Drinking Gourd

(Walden West) Large Upright form with deeply cupped blue-green heavily corrugated leaves. Great statement kind of plant, very slug resistant. We have seen some very large plants of this in many National convention gardens, it can get much bigger...
Abundant Love $29.00

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Abundant Love

(D. & M. Beilstein) Large This seedling of Hosta 'Love Pat' is just as good as its parent and adds to it a bit in size and beauty. Cupped and folded blue-green leaves that have that corrugation that is so well known in some of the blue...
Alligator Alley $19.00

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Alligator Alley

(Walters Gardens) Large Hosta 'Alligator Alley' is a wide margined sport of the ever popular H. 'Dick Ward', which is a sport of H. 'Zounds'. It creates a coarsely textured mound of leathery, puckered, heart-shaped to broadly...
Alligator Shoes $17.00

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Alligator Shoes

(Benedict & Hatfield) Medium-Large Variegated hosta with bright yellow margin on blue-green tapering leaves. Lives up to its name with lots of dimpling and texture. Gets better and better each year. Pale lavender flowers in July.
Amos $19.00

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(Olga Petryszyn/D. Coffman) Giant Possible a seedling out of Hosta 'Big John', this is a beast of a plant. Thick blue-green leaves that have been measured at 14″ x 10″. If you like your Hostas really big than this might be for...
Angel Falls PPAF $17.00

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Angel Falls PPAF

(Walters Gardens) Large Hosta 'Angel Falls' PPAF is the reverse sport of Hosta 'Bridal Falls', and is just as good. One of the amazing things is the guacomole like third color that develops between the cener and the edge. If sighted...
Baby Booties $13.00

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Baby Booties

(D. Bilstein) Mini to Small Compact mound of white-edged foliage; flowers held on many scapes in nice proportion to the foliage and add to the ornamental effect 3-4" tall by 15". Light purple flowers
Baby Bunting $13.00

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Baby Bunting

(R. Savory) Mini Hosta 'Baby Bunting' has green, round heart-shaped leaves and bell-shaped pale lavender flowers in midsummer. This Hosta is excellent as a miniature specimen or used as a ground cover hosta. It is one of the best miniature...
Barbara Ann $15.00

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Barbara Ann

(Munton's Microplants) Large Discovered by two Lab Technicians named Barbara and Ann, cool background huh. A really fine Hosta introduced to commerce by England's Park Green Nursery, Hosta 'Barbara Ann' makes a stunning clump of...
Beyond Glory $17.00

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Beyond Glory

(Walters Gardens) Medium-Large Hosta 'Beyond Glory' PPAF is a new wide margined sport of H. 'Beyond Glory' from Walters Gardens... which is a sport of H. 'Glory'. Whew, that's a mouthful. With a wider darker border it...

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