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Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema) cultural requirements: Arisaema cultural requirements are fairly straight forward as long as some of their basic requirements are met. which is a must. Good drainage is the key to tuber rot. Most Arisaema require shade in the summer (except where noted) and regular watering until late summer. All the Arisaema tubers we sell are blooming size, except where noted. Note: If you receive dormant tubers and are unable to plant out in the garden, you can store the tubers in long fiber sphagnum moss in the refrigerator, heated garage (think cool and dry) or anywhere where the tuber will not freeze until your ground has thawed and is workable.

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Arisaema urashima $20.00

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Arisaema urashima

Intriguing Japanese plant with a tall, shiny, pedate (think horseshoe shaped) leaf to about 18" with 11-15 narrow leaflets. A few inches above ground level sits the purple and white bloom. Spathe tube is funnel-shaped with a recurved, purple...
Arisaema urashima Hakikomi Fu $29.00

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Arisaema urashima Hakikomi Fu

Another extremely rare and scarce form of Arisaema urashima. The 'Hakikomi Fu' means like swept out with a broom, which once you see the variegation on the leaves, makes sense. In this form the green leaves are beautifully streaked yellow...
Arisaema urashima Soshin

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Arisaema urashima Soshin

No sale this year, holding for increase Japanese nurseryman have been collecting and growing many different forms and variations of Arisaema urashima for many years, some of them extremely rare and scarce. This is the very pale green form called...
Arisaema utile $19.00

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Arisaema utile

Wonderful Himalayan (and Indian) species closely allied to Arisaema griffithii, that is also very similar looking, with three very large leaves on 2' purple stippled stems. The flower is the star here, very deep wine red with white stripes and a...

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