Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema) cultural requirements: Arisaema cultural requirements are fairly straight forward as long as some of their basic requirements are met. which is a must. Good drainage is the key to tuber rot. Most Arisaema require shade in the summer (except where noted) and regular watering until late summer. All the Arisaema tubers we sell are blooming size, except where noted. Note: If you receive dormant tubers and are unable to plant out in the garden, you can store the tubers in long fiber sphagnum moss in the refrigerator, heated garage (think cool and dry) or anywhere where the tuber will not freeze until your ground has thawed and is workable.

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Arisaema Crossing Over

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Arisaema Crossing Over

SOLD OUT From Tony Avent at Plant Delights Nursery comes this amazing cross of Arisaema heterophyllum and Arisaema fargesii. Combining some of the best traits of each parent the plant is fairly tall (up to 30"), and the flower is very A....
Arisaema heterophyllum $22.00

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Arisaema heterophyllum

Very, very tall vigorous species from Eastern Asia that can be over 3' tall on established tubers. Called 'Dancing Crane' in Japan because of the overall look of the plant in bloom. One large leaf made up of many leaflets and a tall...
Arisaema kiushianum $21.00

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Arisaema kiushianum

A curious Japanese species that flowers just above ground level, but don't let that fool you, this is one remarkable jack-in-the-pulpit (one of our favorites, if you can't tell). The flower can have yellow webbing and striped with deep red,...
Arisaema kiushinaum Kikkou Fu $27.00

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Arisaema kiushinaum Kikkou Fu

Yet another rare form from Japan, this is the typical amazing A. kiushianum, but with light green veins, very similar to the North American native A. triphyllum 'Starburst'. These are probably a year or 2 from blooming, so not big bulbs. The...
Arisaema ovale Hakikomi Fu $23.00

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Arisaema ovale Hakikomi Fu

Arisaema ovale 'Hakkikomi Fu' has leaves with splashes of yellow, misty patterns of cream and patterns that vary from leaflet to leaflet. Very unstable and completely cool. A Japanese Arisaema having 5-part leaves above a brown or green...
Arisaema ringens $21.00

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Arisaema ringens

This is an Eastern Asian species that is easy, reliable and very capable of growing to an imposing size, given ample moisture in the partially shaded garden. Rising early in the spring and eliciting a tropical appearance this jack has glossy...
Arisaema sazensoo $26.00

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Arisaema sazensoo

Often misidentified as a version of Arisaema sikokianum. The name comes from the Japanese 'zazen', referring to Buddhist meditation, which the flower is meant to look like. The flower, which emerges on a stalk between the leaves, does...
Arisaema serratum $19.00

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Arisaema serratum

Tall and robust wide-spread Asian species with green or purplish-brown striped flowers held above two leaves with many leaflets. When mature and well grown, plants can be more than 3' tall. It is a very dependable, stately garden plant that...
Arisaema serratum Shiro-ki Chiri Fu $31.00

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Arisaema serratum Shiro-ki Chiri Fu

Young bulbs at least 2 years from flowering. There are many, very many, incredible variegated jack-in-the-pulpits in Japan. This being one of them. Shiro-Ki Chiri Fu, is one of the rare Japanese varieties of Arisaema serratum with misted, streaked,...
Arisaema serratum var. mayebarai $28.00

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Arisaema serratum var. mayebarai

A striking dark black/purple flower (spathe) emerges before the leaves unfold on this version of Arisaema serratum. A tall and robust plant that when grown well can easily be over 3 feet tall. The flower is held well above the foliage. Leaves are...

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