Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema) cultural requirements: Arisaema cultural requirements are fairly straight forward as long as some of their basic requirements are met. which is a must. Good drainage is the key to tuber rot. Most Arisaema require shade in the summer (except where noted) and regular watering until late summer. All the Arisaema tubers we sell are blooming size, except where noted. Note: If you receive dormant tubers and are unable to plant out in the garden, you can store the tubers in long fiber sphagnum moss in the refrigerator, heated garage (think cool and dry) or anywhere where the tuber will not freeze until your ground has thawed and is workable.

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Arisaema album $22.00

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Arisaema album

Northern Indian species, to about 15" tall with a trifoliate leaf. The spathe (outer tube) is mainly green but has a white blotch at the back (which is where the name comes from), and the inner spadix has bristle-like appendages. Arisaema album...
Arisaema candidissimum (pink form) $15.00

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Arisaema candidissimum (pink form)

Considered by many to be the queen of the arisaema genus and a notorious late riser, usually in June here. Do mark the location where planted, so as not to dig it up or harpoon when digging. Pink and white striped spathes held above very large,...
Arisaema concinnum $17.00

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Arisaema concinnum

Wonderful, easy to grow Himalayan jack that is closely related to Arisaema consanguineum. Tall stems with an umbrella like arrangement of leaves and a purple or sometimes green spathe (hood) striped in white and and darker shades towards the mouth....
Arisaema consanguineum $17.00

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Arisaema consanguineum

Part to full sun for this easy-to-grow and garden-worthy jack, probably one of our favorites along with all the named forms of this species (thanks to Ellen Hornig at Seneca Hill Perennials). the radial leaves with up to and over 12 leaflets (some...
Arisaema consanguineum silver certered form $15.00

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Arisaema consanguineum silver certered form

A favorite here at the nursery. An imposing plant at maturity with a parasol of radiate leaves (up to 14 of varying widths) on a plant to over 3.5'. Our plants originated from Ellen Hornig of Seneca Hill Perennials and are offset bulbs. Under...
Arisaema costatum $17.00

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Arisaema costatum

Looking all the world like Arisaema speciosum in leaf, there are noticeable differences. Strutting extra large trifoliate jade green leaves, sometimes having a pencil thin red edge, the underside being very ribbed (costate). The spathe hood is...
Arisaema Crossing Over $19.00

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Arisaema Crossing Over

From Tony Avent at Plant Delights Nursery comes this amazing cross of Arisaema heterophyllum and Arisaema fargesii. Combining some of the best traits of each parent the plant is fairly tall (up to 30"), and the flower is very A. heterophyllum...
Arisaema dracontium $13.00

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Arisaema dracontium

American jack-in-the-pulpit found in rich, moist, bog like conditions but will tolerate average garden soil as well, thriving in our somewhat sandy soil. For best results, give our native Arisaema abundant moisture and you will be rewarded with...
Arisaema exappendiculatum $21.00

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Arisaema exappendiculatum

Arisaema exappendiculatum is a tall species native to Nepal. Stems are very colorful; bronze with speckles and splotches in lime green. Leaves are divided into a parasol with 8 wavy, broad leaflets and fan out horizontally on tall sturdy stems. But...
Arisaema fargesii $16.00

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Arisaema fargesii

Chinese species that is a super great plant for the woodland garden and rock hardy in zone 5. Purple striped helmet shaped flower emerges in summer (think later than most) with glossy giant, 3-part leaves. If you peak inside the flower you will see...

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