These are perennials that we have grown and loved in our garden. We have gathered enough of these perennials to sell and are now offering them in our catalog. We are only offering ones in the catalog that we think you might have trouble finding in your local area. All plants are grown in Indiana and we think are very hardy here.

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Acanthus Spinosus $15.00

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Acanthus Spinosus

Bear's breeches Very handsome, dark green, deeply divided leaves with spiny points. Spikes of soft mauve flowers. Can grow to be 3' across with 3' spikes of flowers that look like giant snapdragons. This cultivar is hardier than some sold in the...
Asarum europaeum $15.00

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Asarum europaeum

Round, shiny, green leaves that remain beautiful all summer and standing throughout the winter, evergreen in warmer climates. Slowly spreading but at a nice steady pace. Height 5" to 8". This will seed around it self and make a very nice...
Asarum Splendens $13.00

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Asarum Splendens

Chinese wild ginger. Heart shaped leaves with wonderful silver white mottled variegation. Semi-evergreen, new leaves appear over old. Will spread nicely for an unusual ground cover. Always listed as Zone 6, but we have grown this plant for many yrs...
Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' $15.00

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Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost'

The best of all the variegated brunnera. Will make a gorgeous clump to 18" of round beautiful silver leaves. Though the leaves are dark green, they have a heavily frosted overlay which allows only the green veining to show through in early...
Calliroe Involucrata $15.00

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Calliroe Involucrata

Low growing vine like perennial, does not self sow or root from branches. This is one of those plants our grandmother's loved. Blooms all summer. Plant with sun shrubs or perennials. In the late summer I drape the branches on other plants because...
Convallaria majalis 'striata' $15.00

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Convallaria majalis 'striata'

Beautiful striped versions of the Lily of the valley. They have been on the property here for eons, so the original source is unknown. Wonderful 'en mass' and occasionally sporting to the all green version, which should be removed to maintain the...
Symphytum x uplandicum 'Axminster Gold'

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Symphytum x uplandicum 'Axminster Gold'

SOLD OUT Gorgeous variegated symphytum with banana-shaped green leaves and wide yellow margins. Truly a marvelous plant, and never overlooked by visitors to the nursery. Really big leaves and vigorous growth habit. Will tolerate full sun in rich,...

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